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The essentials of a good poop bathroom

Porch and I are very fond of our poop bathroom. And it seems that many people are also interested in our poop bathroom. In fact, some people we know moving into new homes seem to be excited about having their very own poop bathroom for the first time. Let's take a moment and explore what makes a good poop bathroom. Join me on this magical adventure!

The only way to make a poop bathroom work for your family is to make it inviting. I really try to encourage everyone to use the bathroom for its intended purpose. That means not being shy about introducing your guests, be they family or friends (or strangers) to the bathroom and the intended use of it. Hey, I think people like to know where the safe place to poop is within a home.

After you introduce your guest to the bathroom, it's time to make sure that this bathroom is visually inviting. It needs to be a safe place.

There are a few very essential items that we use within the poop bathroom. 

Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper. That means making sure you have extra rolls under the sink to make sure that your guests are not scrambling to find TP. Awkward...

My mother in-law gave us an awesome Christmas gift this year and it's been an incredible addition to the poop bathroom. Its called PooPourri. I was squeamish at first about this product but was blown away by how effective it is... We tried it out at her house and it is awesome! You spray it into the toilet bowl before doing the act, and it does a great job of stopping the odor and gas from being in the bathroom. This means that not everyone has to smell everyone's business. We're getting real here people. Sounds disgusting right? But it totally does the job.

The other important thing is to have a good smelling hand soap. Pooping is important, it's part of your body's natural systems. I can appreciate a good poop as much as anyone, but I also expect you to wash your hands when you are finished. The preschool teacher me totally just came out right there, sorry. I like to have a good smelling soap from Bath and Body Works. It's just 1 more way to make the bathroom smell better.

And what about reading material? We keep our magazine rack pretty well stocked with a variety of options. Take your time, don't rush it. Enjoy a good article or 2.

Which brings me to my last point: light a candle when you're done. Again I prefer Bath and Body Works for this part but really any good smelling candle will do. If we're having people over, I like to light the candle ahead of time to make sure people feel comfortable. I also keep an air freshener in the bathroom. Just in case.

Happy pooping!


Yes, there is news in the Poop Bathroom world!  I've gotten some very important poop bathroom reminders/suggestions as a result of this post!

Don't forget the plunger.
Seriously?  How did I forget this?!  Thank you Katie!  There's nothing worse than having to ask the host for a plunger... well, except when they feel obligated to plunge your shit.  Yuck.

Add a toilet brush to help get rid of the evidence.
Brilliant!  I overlooked this because in our house, the brush is right next to the toilet for this very reason.  How silly of me to forget to give it mention!

Thanks for your tips ladies, keep them coming!


  1. It also needs a plunger! You don't want to clog the toilet and then have to tell the host!

  2. This is genius! And yes, a plunger is a must! Also, a toilet brush to get rid of any"evidence"?


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